Wednesday, April 9, 2008

[PICSPAM] Dinner with Hrin ^^

Some of us were lucky to have gotten together with sGE RCM Hrin last night for dinner and ice cr- excuse me, gelato - in Makati. Here are the proofs that we met with her last night!

This was, of course, the second time I had dinner with her ^^

This time, we were at Cafe Bola, again in Greenbelt 3. I guess we keep picking locations near that because we thought it was near to where she was having her meetings?

While waiting for dinner, Darrick Reclusion and Artaxerxes amused Hrin and our end of the table by attempting to slit each other's throats.

[Darrick later said he'd try Photoshopping in the Granado Espada UI and skill names!]

Artaxerxes, me, and Hrin.

Front row from left to right: Artaxerxes, Hrin, pCM Veya, and Fiksdotter. Back row from left to right: Darrick, me, and Nate Reclusion.

Darrick and I face off!

After dinner and cones of
gelato for dessert, it was time for pictures with Hrin. So here goes!

Hrin and me.

Hrin and Fiksdotter.

Hrin and Stiles.

Hrin and Darrick.

Nate and Hrin.

Artaxerxes and Hrin.

We wished Hrin the time to go shopping before leaving on Thursday morning, and she quipped that she had been singing the
Not Another Love Story: Ze Muzical! song Where are All the Shopping Malls!

We had a lot of fun talking although, of course, the night was too short to tell her everything we wanted to say.

Till next visit~!

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