Tuesday, April 8, 2008

After Dom1nation II: swag and links ^^

I always wind up carrying stuff home from cons, and that's why I always carry a big backpack to events like those. Big floppy empty backpack in the morning, big HEAVY FULL backpack on the way home.

When I emptied my backpack after Dom1nation II, this is what fell out:

My very own, SEALED Granado Espada Limited Edition Signature Box [G-Points and Emilia the Sage intact]. This one is 9361 of 9999. Thanks to Ms. Sheila of IP e-Games, and to the Dominguez PR peeps ^^

My blog anniversary present from Hrin! It's one of the limited edition 2008 Granado Espada diaries, straight from South Korea ^^ Read more about it here.

I'd been looking for this jacket for literally a year and was more than happy to plunk down my hard-earned money to buy this pretty Granado Espada jacket for myself ^^ It looks quite nice on me.

I am also given to understand that the Granado Espada PH Community Heroes should be receiving permanent costumes as their in-game prizes for their heroism. I wonder how many each of us are entitled to, and how long before they're loaded into our accounts?

[I'm not even sure if the prizes and tokens from the Tribute to the Ladies have been distributed already!]


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