Monday, November 3, 2008


[Okay, okay, it doesn't have quite the same ring as, say, Over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!, but hey, it's MY milestone, right?]

On Writing, Fangirling, and Blogging Granado Espada

So, yeah, here I am at the five hundred posts mark, with over sixty-four thousand visitors, and I have no idea how much Internet space I've consumed for all the photos, videos, and things of a widget-y nature posted to this one site.

Lately I've had this blog even more on my mind than usual, since a nephew of mine started consulting me about being a writer, and going to university specifically to take up a degree in Creative Writing. One of the first pieces of advice I wound up giving him was that he ought to start up a blog - his choice of topic, his choice of posting schedule - and update it as frequently as he was able.

The underlying lesson was that writing X number of words to a Y publishing schedule fosters
both creativity and discipline in a budding writer. I got the initial piece of advice from none other but Neil Gaiman, and additional reinforcement and occasional elaborations from John Scalzi. You can't accuse those two gentlemen of not practicing what they preach, either....

But come on, NineMoons, some of you might be saying, you're writing about an MMORPG! How can that foster anything when you're just
being a fan?

I actually submit that being a fan of something, who wants to write X number of words for a fairly regular Y publishing schedule, is a big help to meeting said schedule. Being a fan of something means you're immersed in it to some extent or another, and it often means being willing to add to one's store of information about the subject being fanboyed / fangirled.

Don't believe me? Check out the massive number of crafting, food, and review blogs, to name just three popular genres of blogging. They're not all "I love this" or "I'm really into that" - many of them are active learning experiences, where bloggers and readers interact to boost stocks of knowledge and skills.

The blog has been an immense help to me to become a more disciplined, and yes, certainly more prolific writer. And since writing is my greatest passion: being a fan is no small fry, this blog has been the greatest help to me, and Granado Espada continues to rock for providing me with such rich material to write with.

Here's to five hundred posts and to the next five hundred.

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