Tuesday, November 4, 2008

O RLY? It Must Be The MMORPG Focus....

Cute way to start the next five hundred posts off. Never let it be said I wasn't up for laughing at myself....

While surfing through my daily complement of technology and gadgets blogs I saw an entry on news aggregator Boing Boing, in which Xeni, one of their editors, talks about a site called GenderAnalyzer. The deal with this site is, you type in a website URL, and its AI determines whether the site was written by a man or by a woman. GenderAnalyzer notes that it exists for "curiosity and fun", and helpfully, you can give the developers instant feedback on whether it guessed correctly or not via the attached poll on the front page.

Out of curiosity, I ran this site through their analyzer. Here's the result.

Yeah. There you have it. This analyzer thinks this blog is run by a guy. I immediately clicked in to the survey to say that the analyzer gave an incorrect result of the blog, and the survey results show that the analyzer is right roughly 56% of the time.

I think the incorrect result might be due to the AI being tested on, as the front page says, 2000-something blogs. No matter what, that remains a
tiny proportion of all bloggers in the world today.

Also, I guess the AI wasn't tested on gamers' blogs, or on MMO blogs in particular. As a verification check, I ran RCM Hrin's blog through it -
and got the same result as above.

It's good for a chuckle, eh? Try it out for yourselves and let me know what you got!

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