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Presenting: The Ladies of Granado Espada PH


DeSanggria: [Picspam] Girl gamers...not a myth!
Sigrid: The Face Behind the Family: Meet the BEAUTIFUL players of Granado Espada!
Veya: Aftermath: Girl Gamer Gathering


I'll be writing a more in-depth article on the Granado Espada PH Ladies' Night Out for Game! Magazine, and I do hope the article will be printed in the May issue. [I wrote the FFA article for the April issue, and will be writing the Dom1nation II article for June.]

During the event, the following happened:

- freeplay at Gamefrog
- quick snacks and a brief Focus Group Discussion about girls, GE, gameplay, the Premium Item Shop, and G-Points
- picture-taking sessions for e-Games, Game!, and Hackenslash [this last one was presided over by Relly Carpio]
- a prize draw! Three participants won themselves 100, 300, and 500 Adelina's Booty Searches respectively [blogger Oliveoyl won the 300 Searches]. Sigrid won a Cumulonimbus Shield; I bagged a Le Blanc armor [and chose the Wizard version]; and super-mamaw stormseeks from Vivaldi, the only Expert player at the event, won the Elite La Ventisca armor.

All attendees were also to receive the following in-game items: Combat Manual-Expert [15 days], Forgotten Territory Pass, and the in-game item Bunny Hairlace.

Relly also conducted interviews of many of the participants: Sigrid, me, Riasa, and others. I hope the videos go online soon ^^

So let me provide you with some pictures instead, with appropriate captions and commentary. I've resized many of the pics so I don't quite kill your browsers. For the first account, please click the link to DeSanggria's blog at the beginning of the post.

The Granado Espada big banner at Gamefrog in Metrowalk, Ortigas.

Swag pics! This first one is of the special-edition Granado Espada girl gamers' shirt [the white bundles inside the bag], as well as some of the other stuff they were selling such as tumblers.

The goodie bags for the attendees. Each bag contained the Bahia Island-themed GE poster, a GE badge, a cute pencil, and the code for the Bunny Hairlace.



First peeks at the Granado Espada lanyard / ID lace, straight from Singapore. They'll be giving this away during the Trivia Quiz on April 6 at Dom1nation II. Wanna wear one of these? Brush up on your knowledge of GE!

My best friend Dang, also known as the
Winterlake family in Carracci and the Sabatini family in Pachelbel. I'm proud to announce I'm the person who got her into GE~

Me modeling the Granado Espada girl gamers' shirt, front view.

FFA winners all, from left to right: DeSanggria, NineMoons, Fetuccini, and Mortreux.

Left to right: DeSanggria, NineMoons, pCM Veya, and Fetuccini.

PK Server Girls: NineMoons and Fetuccini of Cervantes [formerly in my case], and stormseeks of Vivaldi.

Non-PK Server Girls, third batch. I'm third from left; Sigrid is behind / next to me; and Dang is behind / next to Sigrid.

And many of us who went to this event are also going to Dom1nation ^^

Remember this sentiment, best expressed in high-level girls Fetuccini and stormseeks:
just because we're female, doesn't mean we can't be Veterans and Experts!


On a side note: Reclusion boys and DeSanggria, I guess it is funny after all. I don't want to kill you guys any more ^^

Those are my real first names on Darrick's Angie. XDXDXD


All pictures are archived at this Photobucket album.


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