Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bunny! Plus, something to dream of...

This post is re-timed for one reason only: so that the Granado Espada PH Ladies' Night Out entry stays on top. As I post this, it's actually closer to 5PM in the Philippines.


Trying on the Rabbit Hairlace I got from the Ladies' Night Out got me these results.

I don't often have cause to say it, but - kawaii~ That's all I can say.

If you see this wizard running around - hey, you can point and you can laugh, but at least you'll never have to ask him how secure he is with his masculinity.

...Although I REALLY have to admit - he'll look hella manlier if he just had enough levels to ditch that damn Redingote armor.

[And I LIKE redingotes, or frock coats, in real life.]

And speaking of my male wizard, I hope I can dress him up in THIS real soon now:

With thanks to SilverCrimz a/k/a Crimzama, from his armor thread of epic win at the forums. [Requires logging in to view.]

Now, I just need to fix the net connection at my flat....

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