Thursday, May 10, 2007

A teaser for the future of GE

With the Pre-Open Beta test phase starting either Tuesday next week [for those with the 2-day advance pass] or Thursday next week [for everybody], I thought it might be time to drop in a few nice screenshots from future versions of Granado Espada for everyone to enjoy.

GE fighter as Spartan

This first screenshot comes from a teaser thread for version 2.0, started by SilverCrimz.

[Check out the Guides, FAQs, and Walkthroughs sidebar for his massively popular armors guide.]

New costumes in v.2.2

These pictures are from this thread, where Tsubaki announces that kGE will be releasing v.2.2 on 15 May, on the same day as those in the sGE POBT with the advance pass start.

Way to whet our appetites for this game and its future iterations, guys! Cheers to you both!


Jac said...

the fighters horns kinda remind me of Mu from Saint ooold Jac is old. Still pretty awesome Nine, (bold, i hope i can call you nine^^)

Thanks for the pics, btw i added your blog address to my listings as well, as more ppl want to know more as possible...thanks for the nice coment and keep up the good work

NineMoons Family said...

@ Jac

no, actually, I get you on the whole Saint Seiya thing. so we can be old fogies and all that, I don't mind. ^^

thanks for adding me to your listings - I really appreciate it and I hope I can keep writing well enough to keep helping you.

and yeah, sure, call me Nine if you like :)