Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Plans for next week, anyone?

If you've been reading the forums then you'll know that Plans on Opening Day is one of the more popular threads [although you will now have to find it on the second page].

A day ago I finally decided to chime in with my 2 vis's worth and gave something like the following as my reply:

Get my family name and my characters' names. I really want to continue playing the NineMoons family.

Form my team. As it is, I'm setting myself up for a couple of headaches because right at the start I'll be creating four characters in my family: a scout, an elementalist, a wizard, and a fighter. [They're all going to be female.]

Now, why am I doing this? Well, I figure I'll always need a tank. And I really can't leave home without a trusty scout for auto-healing. But I would really like to have a scout-elementalist-wizard team at some point, perhaps after level 60. So I figure I'll have the fighter tank each of the magic-users in turn, maybe every five or ten levels or so, until I can have my wizard obtain the Levitation stance and until my elementalist can get the Lord of Elementalist stance and bracelets.

So don't be surprised if you should see my characters change from time to time, as I've got a temporary alt-character setup working right now.

Yes, I'm going to have a fire-based elementalist, and yes, the first thing I'll do with my wizard is max out her Earthquake and Apocalypse skills.

And my fighter will wind up being a Heaven or Hell user, and my scout will be a healer/buffer all the way.


Download progress: 58% when I stopped this morning. With the number of seeders now nudging 10 [at least for my downloads], I expect to have this finished by the end of the week.


Interview updates: Almost there, guys, I hope to have it posted before Monday next week. Sorry for the delay, but it's just a part of these things.


And what are YOUR plans for the start of POBT?

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