Saturday, May 5, 2007

A little help, right here: waiting on the POBT client

Download mirrors for the POBT client are up!

See those additional links for each of the six parts of the installer? That means there are now quite a few more places from where you can try to download your very own copy of the Granado Espada Pre-Open Beta, Version 2.0 client.

Someone asked me a couple of nights ago why the phase is called "Pre-Open Beta". Community Manager Hrin explained that it's because everyone in the POBT phase will also serve as bug testers for Version 2.0. So it's sort of like the stress tests / bug reporting from the CBT - except that at the end of POBT, there will be no account wipes.

POBT is then a mish-mash of the bug reports from CBT and the non-wipe features of a true Open Beta phase.


As for my own progress in downloading, I started last night - and I should probably say right here that I owe Tsubaki a drink, should I ever get around to meeting him. I'm downloading the client via one of the torrents he announced at the forums.

Current progress: 13% or so. Too bad I can't do the download 24/7 because I share my connection - or I would probably have a higher completion percentage to report.

All you people downloading the torrent - don't forget to seed it ^^ [/PSA]

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