Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Temporarily ducking out of the game to bring you this update...

After all the drama and hullaballoo surrounding the supposed-to-open-at-12n-but-started-at-3pm beginning of today's Pre-Pre-Open Beta Test Phase, here I am to bring you some news on my current doings in the world of Granado Espada.

...Oops, the secret is out. Yes, I was able to receive a 2-day advance pass from Hrin. When I post up the interview I did with her, I'll tell the whole story of how that happened.

Remember this blog post? In it I said I was planning to create four characters right off the bat - fighter, scout, wizard, elementalist - and that my current ultimate goal was to create a team of scout-wizard-elementalist.

In search of that goal, this is the first team I put together as soon as I logged in.

POBT team 01

From left to right, Ravashi, the fire elementalist;
Tuon, the fighter; and Aurana, the scout. They're all about level 8 or so, as you can tell from the hats.

[That's the basic Hat from Andre Janzur's shop, which changes appearance according to the character that's wearing it. It can be used by characters at level 8.]

When I got them all up to level 12, I switched Ravashi out for her wizard sister, Chimal.

POBT team 02

That's Chimal on the left, with her own hat.

[Yes, I'm frivolous. Sue me. I want my girls to be stylin'!]

Once I got Chimal up to level 13, I decided to test my crazy idea of scout-wiz-ele - and of all the silly things I could do, I sent them all straight to Al Quelt Moreza for some insane questing fun.

POBT team 03

Here they are on the way to defeating Ramiro, and from there, on to AQM to face off, eventually, against Dilos Lantemn.

In fact, I'm posting now because they all got snuffed about a quarter of the way in. Oops, I forgot to kite the mobs out to the corridor - my bad....


As usual, here I get to explain where all the names came from.

SPOILERS AHOY if you haven't read the book yet - let the reader beware.

In Knife of Dreams, Book 11 of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series, Tuon [the Daughter of the Nine Moons] name-drops three of her sisters: Aurana, who is younger than she is; and Ravashi and Chimal, who are both older.

Aurana is also a bit too young to be involved in the intrigues of their Imperial Family; but Ravashi and Chimal have already both attempted to have Tuon killed on at least one occasion.

It just amused me to have all four sisters in a family whose name they have all aspired to, but which only Tuon bears: Nine Moons.


In the next posts, watch out for some observations regarding the all new version 2.0.9x, and hopefully as well I can finally put up the long-awaited interview with Regional CM Hrin.

Now I'm going back to get my improbable team into AQM, and let's see how long before they all snuff it *this* time....


EDIT: The interview is up.

Also, maxed-out Quake and Fireball ftw.

POBT team 04

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