Thursday, June 21, 2007

An ad for Trooper Hats!


Like the hats?

If you want Trooper Hats, I'm sorry, you can't actually hunt for them that easily. As I understand it, they can most easily be found in the Treasure Chests that appear at the end of successful Squad Missions.

That would be anything along the likes of Spotlight, Trinity, Highway, Interchange, et cetera.

[Are those the only mission names?]

So if you accidentally come across items with the word "Mission" in their names, put together a Squad or go with your Faction to pick up all sorts of marvelous items and, yeah, even these rare hats!

[And even rarer ones, such as the Blacksmith Hat!]

Family status at this time: just achieved 4x and just prior to becoming Deputy Faction Leader.

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