Monday, June 4, 2007

Fun with the Æphemeral Faction

So I have a faction, and lately we've all been spending a lot of time leveling, helping each other out, chatting, and going on missions of the Spotlight variety.

So I thought I'd just share a couple of screenshots I've taken that involve the faction in one way or another.

During the terrible lag of the past few days, our faction leader, Harbin, decided to have some fun with server broadcasts, and at the same time do a little recruiting.

The ads are running across the top of the screenshots, so have a laugh at them. ^^

faction ad01
The Gracielo ad.

faction ad01
The Lisa Lynway ad.

And, finally, a pic of several members of the guild, who were assembling for a Spotlight mission:

faction ad01
If you look closely, the squad consists of faction leader Harbin, and members Fleva, Granzchestra, and Dalmacus. NineMoons is acting as the photographer for this shot.

[I'm not in the squad because I'm still not at the right level to join the Spotlight missions. Besides, Spotlight missions only take squads of four at a time, and as you can see, I'm the fifth family in the picture.]

To join, please PM faction leader Harbin, or faction vice-leader Castalia.

And, of course, check out the faction blog: Realms of the Æphemeral.


Jac said...

hey hey^^ sweet looking banner over there RAWR im kinda envy now lol

NineMoons Family said...

@ jac

thanks ^^

I totally killed several hours just *learning* how to get the banner right....

*wonders about a double-PC setup: one for GE, one for the layout...*

Anonymous said...

lol^^ well i just so happen to be a graph designer so i know this and that^^ havent you seen my blog-a-blog? lol i'll be happy to lend you my three hands to help

though soon, surprise will come but we'll see how it goes^^

Jacquot Alastor

P.S. im at work and i can never remember my login lol