Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Granado Espada roundup: after the Raid Party, action against bots, Granado Espada PH contests

And here's yet another news roundup for all of you Granado Espada fans, players and addicts!

Here's what's probably the most important bit of news: Some action has finally been taken against the sudden rash of botters springing up in the New World. Hope IAH keeps up the good work. Also, let's work together across the servers to stamp out the evils of botting and RMT once and for all!

This mini-site contains pictures and coverage from the Raid Party at Zouk! See the cosplayers, Kim Hakkyu, and the fans and winners of the competitions and tournaments!

See if you can spot the mention of the NineMoons family at this list of sites with coverage of the Raid Party and its associate events! ^^

RCM Hrin interviews cara, Nuub, RavaNa, and Voyage after their PvP tourney win - and much fun is had by all.

pCM Veya announces Granado Espada PH news, including: informal EBs and freeplay events.

More importantly, pCM Veya includes these contest teasers in preparation for the relaunch of GranadoEspada.com.ph!




I can just hear the Philippine Granado Espada community getting ready for these contests!


filsimmer said...

Will my Flash Comic/s be a good contender? I hope it does! If you're going to join, I'm voting and rooting for ya! :D

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

I think your flash comics should fall under either the fanfiction or the fanart categories.

and I will definitely be joining the fanfiction one!