Saturday, June 23, 2007

NineMoons Family's blasting off again...!!!!

And I don't mean that in the Team Rocket "fail" sense, I mean it's more of we're taking off!

In tandem with this post about the recent PvP tourney, the new boss of Hinge Inquirer Publication's blogs, Joel, asked me to do a write-up on the tourney for the online version of Game! Magazine.

That article was posted just today, and you can read it here.

Also on the front page of the Game! online edition is a marquee-type animation showcasing the features of the month.

Watch it carefully and you'll see the NineMoons Family on Cervantes helping to banner my column there, Letters From Granado Espada.

...I had to check the graphic again myself. Yes, that IS the Cervantes main team of Aurana / Tuon / Chimal, when they were about 2x-3x. [You can tell by the hats and the outfits.]

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