Sunday, July 15, 2007

Colony Wars results!


As someone in the game commented earlier: this map seems a wee bit lopsided, but I guess that's just a demonstration of who has got the right stuff for Colony Wars right now. ^^

Congratulations to all Colony owners!


agony said...

If we dominions know that they are not wiping the map, we will not have let go our colonies. We have called iah and they gave some crappy excuses regarding this issue. we are highly disappointed.

Leoz said...

i agree with agony. we are really disappointed with iah.

sigh* i dont feel like playing it nicely anymore.

Estradz said...

i was really disappointed with this past 2 colony wars we should not join anymore colony war this time lets just leave it to yakisoba this is their goal right? they will do anything to dominate the game using foul things. thats why i feel like not playing the game anymore if this happens again.

NineMoons Family said...

@ agony / leoz / estradz

I really don't know if I'm qualified to give you guys any advice on this matter, but you might each want to contact your CMs about this.

I too am somewhat taken aback by what is happening with regard to the unannounced and impromptu CWs, so for now let's hope that there can be a solution that will please everyone in this matter.