Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NineMoons roundup: Granado Espada and some fun things

Let's put the important stuff right up front, then:

pCM Veya releases details of the GE PH fan teaser contests!!!!
So if anyone out there wants to join the Fansite / Fanblog, Fanfiction / Fanpoetry, and Fanart contests, here are the rules and regulations.

This includes a special Anti-Bot Awareness Campaign, having to do with forum sigs. Please check that out too, and show your support!

Oh and if anyone noticed - that's a lot of Angel Wings she has to give out!!!! Iwantonetoo ^^

Which behooves me to repeat the teaser in the final paragraph of this post:

Stay tuned for a contest I'm putting together along with pCM Veya - there will be fun, there will be prizes, and there will be questions galore!


Some faction talk:

More Fun [?] with Missions the Æphemeral way.

That last paragraph totally surprised me, though.

Helping the Faction Reach Level 50 - the benefactors.

Yes, I'm on that list.

Yes, I know we've got insanely big fish to fry to achieve the next faction level.



Finally, some slightly off-topic fun:

NineMoons wins a Transformers shirt!

The question for this contest was, "Name your favorite Transformer, and give the reason/s why that Transformer is your favorite."

Here's my winning answer ^^

I'm getting an Autobots t-shirt - because hey, it would be pretty strange if I got Decepticon considering what my answer was!

And talking about Janette's emerging influential blogs project:

Can you find the NineMoons Family in this entries master list?


janettetoral.com said...

Hi PJ. Number 94 ka. Thanks.

NineMoons Family said...

@ janette

^^ thanks too~