Thursday, July 26, 2007

NineMoons's Granado Espada Trivia Bonanza: Average round!

Original rules.

The most important rules:

1. Email all answers to This is the only way you can submit your answers to the trivia questions. I'll be disabling comments on this post, and I will also not be accepting answers posted to the announcement thread at the official forums.

Remember, if you want your answers to be included in the competition, email them to!!

2. For all trivia contest entries, the following restrictions apply:
- A misspelled answer is a wrong answer
- All or nothing format will be followed, especially for questions that require multiple answers
- Changing answers will not be allowed
- Follow all directions very carefully!

3. While this contest is intended primarily for the Philippine players and community of Granado Espada, our international players are also encouraged to join in.

4. Answers should be sent in this format:
- Family Name / In-game Name
- Server
- Email address
- Answers

5. Deadline for submission of entries will be at 11:59 PM (Singapore time) of the Friday after each round of questions is released.

Meaning, you must submit your answers for the Average round of questions by 11:59 PM of Friday, 27 July.


Second round!

Average Questions

- What was Grace Bernelli's rank / position when she was in the armed forces of Brestia?
- Name the headquarters of BOTH the Republicans and the Royalists.
- What was the CBT name of the wizard / musketeer armor Redingote?
- Give the FULL name of the other explorer who went with Ferruccio Espada to discover the New World.
- What is the FIRST quest item that Claude Baudez asks your family to get for him?
- What two items does Lisa Lynway sell at the Sea Elephant Cafe?
- What are the stone pillars which emit mysterious power actually called?


If you were unable to answer the Easy questions last week, now's your chance to join in!

The Difficult round questions will be posted next Thursday, 2 August.

Good luck to all and don't forget to email me your answers by tomorrow night, 27 July!