Thursday, July 19, 2007

THIS IS IT!: NineMoons's Granado Espada Trivia Bonanza now OPEN!

And now it's time for me to kick off my own special event for the Granado Espada PH community!!!

Original rules are here.

The most important rules:

1. Email all answers to This is the only way you can submit your answers to the trivia questions. I'll be disabling comments on this post, and I will also not be accepting answers posted to the announcement thread at the official forums.

Remember, if you want your answers to be included in the competition, email them to!!

2. For all trivia contest entries, the following restrictions apply:
- A misspelled answer is a wrong answer
- All or nothing format will be followed, especially for questions that require multiple answers
- Changing answers will not be allowed

3. While this contest is intended primarily for the Philippine players and community of Granado Espada, our international players are also encouraged to join in.

4. Answers should be sent in this format:
- Family Name / In-game Name
- Server
- Email address
- Answers

5. Deadline for submission of entries will be at 11:59 PM (Singapore time) of the Friday after each round of questions is released.

Meaning, you must submit your answers for the Easy round of questions by 11:59 PM of Friday, 20 July.


Now, on to the first round of questions!

Easy Questions

- What is the most obvious change that happens to your avatars when Baron Mode is activated?

- What elemental property do the monsters of Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff share?

- True or false: Yellow or blue items below lv 32 can be converted into Enchantment Chips.

- What key combination is used to bring up the Squad Information window on the UI?

- What is the name of the ship on which the tutorial is set?

- Where is the NPC who sells Ferruccio Bread and Milk located?

- What color does the Corsair Rosso armor become when worn by a male musketeer?


The Average round questions will be posted next Thursday, 26 July.

Good luck to all and don't forget to email me your answers by tomorrow night, 20 July!