Sunday, September 30, 2007

Colony Wars: there's a bug in the system! Plus more fashions and fantazzies


The results of this Sunday's Colony Wars session.

Congratulations to Dominion, Fenrir, Vradical, Anonymous, Orb and CARNAGE factions on acquiring / defending their colonies!

[Apologies to Orb faction! Sorry I forgot to include you...there are no excuses, mea maxima culpa *deep bow*]


During the CW session, a few members of some factions PM'ed me with a complaint about the "Declaration of War" feature. Apparently this week the mechanic that allows factions to go into combat against each other had some kind of trouble or another.

Since that mechanic is more or less integral to the entire Colony Wars experience, I wonder what IAH is going to do about it?

Are we going to get a statement or some kind of ruling from them on this one, do you think?


Another bit of fun with my main Granado Espada team:


Family status at present:

Members: Aurana, First Aid / Fortitudo scout [both stances maxed]; Chimal, The Illusionist wizard; Tuon, Sabre Guard fighter.
Levels: 56 / 56 / 56
Costumes: Aurana is wearing an Original Scout costume; Chimal is wearing only her Justocorps soft armor; Tuon is wearing a School Uniform costume.

Makes for something quite unique to see, doesn't it? ^^


WTS > Recipe for Elite Chassepot [Grace Bernelli exclusive; Level 52]. PM me for offers on Cervantes server.

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