Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Putting the RP in MMORPG: the Claude's Angels event

Now here's something different, Granado Espada-style:

Return of the Dark Lord 2: Claude's Angels

Read the FAQ here.

Not only can players take on an appropriately-leveled Dark Lord, they can also role-play their hearts out while doing it!

Essentially, it's a two-pronged event: a pure role-play on the forums as moderated by Sacha, Doriane and Amethy; plus the big monster-kill-fest that is the actual spawning of the Dark Lord.

The forum event is now open, and players can now role-play in the appropriate threads; the role-play continues all the way up to the actual event on 8 September, as Claude's Angels will continue monitoring the in-game chat to see who the best role-players are.


Role-playing in a nutshell: essentially, we're all being encouraged to post in the forums and chat during the event, as our Granado Espada citizen selves. Whatever story you have for your family - a member of the Wartime Nobility, a subject of Vespanola, a staunch Republican or Royalist, or anything else you've thought of - the event recommends that players speak and act in-game in the manner of their individual back stories.

My own NineMoons family on Cervantes as the example: in my characters' back story, they're members of the Wartime Nobility and have some Old World noble blood in them. On Doriane's thread and during the event itself, then, I'll be posting and chatting as though I were Tuon, the leader of the family, the eldest sister, and the dedicated believer in freedom and military might.

This is something I've not seen before and an event I'm really looking forward to - so look for me in Doriane's Aspiring Army! ^^


DeSanggria said...

i'm already excited!!!

nine, squad tayo ha. ;)

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

of course!

excited na rin ako ^^