Saturday, October 6, 2007

Quick updates!

While grinding to make Level 57 early this morning, guess who showed up in town [literally!]:


Yup, that IS Tsubaki right there, still bearing the Yakisoba faction tag. He was briefly in-game to advise the community that he is currently addicted to Team Fortress 2 [clicky the Wikipedia link to know more], and that he was also forming his own Yakisoba faction in that game.

Well, more power to him ^^


And, the main reason why I've been so gung-ho to get to Level 57: trying to get Catherine, of course!

I did the Victor mission in four tries; kept getting killed by lag. My team of High-Guard fighter and Psychokinesis wizard was able to fend off both the mobs and the mini-boss, and with the able assistance of the full-support scout, managed to make it into the Grand Library of Torsche Mansion.

It took me about a couple of hours of running around the map to complete the quest chain that led to Dr. Torsche himself. Anyone who wants a refresher course in obtaining Catherine can look at this excellent guide at Major props to Chelsie for this extremely helpful guide, which helped me finish the preliminary quests rather quickly.

Finally we got to the part just before the reconstruction of Catherine; and when it came time to decide what type I was going to get, I seriously dithered between the Summoner and the Strength Catherine for several minutes.

...Well, I can always try to buy the Summoner Catherine card from someone in-game. I made the Strength Catherine, and here she is, along with two of her sisters:


From left to right, that's my elementalist Ravashi, my scout Aurana, and my Str Catherine Kiria.

[I had rather self-centeredly thought that I'd come up with that Japanese-sounding name, but after seeing a Takarazuka actress named "Kiria" I'm just left wondering how I managed to hear that name before.]

Currently, though, I'm pushing to have my main team hit Level 60 - and that goes double for my wizard Chimal. I really want her to fly! ^^

Happy hunting~!

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