Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Day feast: let us eat cake!

In a previous entry on this blog I talked about some of the sweet items on offer as HP-restorers within the game of Granado Espada: tiramisu, layered cheesecake, and Sachertorte.

Now with the Christmas season upon us and people busily opening their Red Socks, we've stumbled across three new cakes, which not only restore HP but also bestow elemental buffs.

Yup, we're talking about the Buche de Noel items. In the real world, this item is properly named Bûche de Noël. In French, this means "Yule log" and refers to a cake that is decorated to look like a snow-covered log. Many bakers decorate this cake to include icing, confectioner's-sugar snow, chocolate shavings, berries, actual tree branches, and meringue mushrooms.

The in-game item Buche de Noel comes in three flavors:

Burning Hands,

Electric Charger, and

Chilling Touch.

The Buche de Noel are usable by all characters. Aside from restoring a family's HP, these items also bestow the respective elemental buffs when used. The buffs last for about 150 seconds each, and do not stack [the same as with the original buffs.]

While the in-game item calls itself a cheesecake, the usual recipe for Buche de Noel often involves a yellow sponge cake. It is baked in a flat jelly roll pan in a thin layer, which after baking is left to cool, then frosted and rolled up into a cylinder, which resembles a log. A portion is often cut off and placed on top of the cylinder to make a stump, and the entire cake is covered in chocolate frosting. The deep brown of the frosting makes the cake resemble a wooden log even more.

For more on the origins of this tasty European holiday treat, start with the Wikipedia article.

Happy holidays to all ^^ And good luck tagging your Christmas Trees, collecting your "X" items, and getting your wishes granted by Santa!

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