Thursday, December 6, 2007

Today's links: FFA updates, Game! teaser, upcoming features, tips and tricks

I'm thinking of doing a post on Angie soon although this thread in the forums has already got the ball rolling. So while I work on that one, have some links.

Updates for the Fantazzztic Film Awards - includes new schedules and submissions dates. The important part is the LAST paragraph, which details the consolation prizes that will be handed out to the top 20 finishers of each Scene and Heard week. Yup - instant elites and premium packages, kids ^^

Teaser for the November print issue of Game! magazine, now online - if you haven't bought this one yet, you probably should, as vets have their own Super Fight map in the upcoming version. This one's chock-full of tips to get you to Lv100 that much faster. The article was the result of a collaboration between me and Welling [oi, update plx! XD].

ShenLuo's massive updates thread - ShenLuo of the forums posts a list of the upcoming features included in the next big patch. This includes updates for Witches of Bahamar and for Tropical Island. Updates include new maps, RNPCs, items, quests and more.

Arconis, Blood Countess posts some tips and tricks - want to learn how useful the Detection skill is? What's another way to obtain those ultra-rare Lv9x-100 chips? What are those torture devices in Prison de Joaquin and why the hell are they shooting at me? Find out here!

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