Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tearing my hair out on the way to 8x.

*Looks mournfully at item vault*

*Still missing my 30k G-points prize*

I've been trying to do a big push for my mains on Cervantes, who are currently at level 78. I kind of had the crazy idea of maybe making 84 or so in the next couple of weeks - or at least in enough time for the next change of armors, weapons, and accessories.

The crates in Prison de Joaquin, however, all seem hell-bent *against* the idea. They keep spawning on my poor wiz and killing her before she can finish casting her AoEs, and leaving my scout unprotected so she gets bricked too.

On top of that, I'm missing a crapload of Viki Strange Items, a Mysterious Steel Piece, and a Capybara Sickle.

I just want to make 80 soon!


On the other hand, I'm pleasantly surprised that I've picked up some nice uniques from the Prison. They're nifty things to have in storage.

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