Sunday, February 3, 2008

Colony Wars update: waiting on the world to change

And one might be forgiven for thinking I mean that title more literally than figuratively.

Anyway, the map is the same as those of the last two weeks, with the three allied factions of Halcyon-Vradical-WrathOfGod holding on to their colonies.


With maintenance moved to tomorrow so people can play through the Chinese New Year, the map above will be wiped clean once again, and all colonies will be up for grabs for February and the Year of the Earth Rat.

There was one war declared tonight during the session:

rEbOrN v Halcyon

All other war declarations had been in place for some time now, without any truces being taking place.

Shocking news in Cervantes as word has come to this blog of two major movements with regards to the factions:

Illuminati faction has disbanded.
That is, the faction only has one member left, its leader BaoBao. According to a source, over the week all the members found themselves removed from the faction roster, leaving just the one member. Speculation abounds as to where the former stalwarts will move to now, and the BlackSociety faction seems to be the leading candidate to absorb the former Illuminati.

CARNAGE faction has returned.
I first got wind of this through a heads-up from the Ogasawara family - Overseer had returned to take back his faction, and they are now in the process of calling back the original members. This means that they may actually return to Colony Wars session next week - stay tuned!


Notes from WrathOfGod:

By the time we all began to assemble for tonight's Colony Wars session, we all knew that tomorrow the monthly colony reset would take place - meaning whatever we did tonight would be pretty much mooted, and we'd have to start over again next week to fight for new colonies.

That didn't stop us from making preparations, though.

This week I went back to Bonavista River and volunteered to put the squad together. I wasn't planning to lead the group though because I knew I had pretty much nil experience in CW tactics, even if we were expecting to just hold on as in previous last-one-before-the-reset sessions.

An icy buff, and it makes my levitating wizard look damn nice.

Most of the squad is represented in this long shot. There were at least two Tarys running around for most of the session, helping the other scouts detect for possible attackers.

A surprise appearance for the big guns, although they weren't really needed for this session: Steel Ararat, and Treasure Golem.

We killed the two hours at Bonavista by making jokes about animal cruelty and calling in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [SPCA], spurred in part by Tary's falling over dead whenever his time had expired, and by the many birds we killed on the map. There was even an instance when the Steel Ararat stomped on a mass of the hapless feathered mobs.

I also spent the time chatting with allied friends.

During the second half of the session, our colony at Via Fluvial was visited twice by attackers, but they were repelled each time by the faction members streaming in to bolster the squad already there.

Next week, the colonies are once again the subject of the Colony Wars' free-for-all struggle, and that promises to be quite an entertaining session. Until then, though, Kong Hei Fat Choi in advance.

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