Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FFA Grand Finale roundup

[I realize I look like I'm copping out by only posting links, but I don't want to kill people's bandwidth.]

Many of the links point to the hi-res versions. If your system gets bricked by uber-slow buffing, please head on over to the Grand Finale Film Submissions thread for the list of mirrors.

Gotte / pochalee / Naxela
Destiny Awakens

Fetuccini / Familier / Mortreux
Mr. & Mrs. G

Fetuccini / Weisswritter / Mortreux
Everybody loves Viki

Fetuccini / Weisswritter / Mortreux

Weisswritter / Laxamune / Adriano
You're Beautiful~

Zaleski / Corinthias / Cerex
Hearts Duets
Granado Espada Nazionali Tesori: Genesi

Kincaid / Sigrid / deEspania

Rivendel / Sigrid / deEspania
Granado Superstars Part One, Part Two

Reclusion / NineMoons / Behringer
Not Another Love Story Version 1
Not Another Love Story Ze Musical!

Reclusion / Fiksdotter / iCez
Le Blanc (White) [first version]
Le Blanc (White) [final version]

Ledesius / Stormraven / Bleu
Becoming Sisters

Deniva / Illuvien / Crowinthias
One Letter for Freedom

Exebolt / donnpogz / EightOcnarf
Chipmunks Fergalicious
GE Fergalicious Dance
Granado Espada Soulja Boy
Boyfriend Girlfriend

Exebolt / katy / Tituti
Can't Get Granado Out Of My Head

Tokoyoshi / devilz / PCB
I am Legend Part One, Part Two
Code Name Chobits
Vespanolan's Invasion

Xilx / Althex / Piezx
I'm not Worthy

Xilx / Normanizeich / Althex

The Nimrod: Reanimated

Kairos / Orcalia / Astarina
Granado Affairs

Enjoy watching ^^ And good luck to all of us!

The announcement of the FFA Grand Finale winners is on 29 February - that's this coming Friday!

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