Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Meet Feng Ling!

I could not find a translation of Feng Ling's name online and just now realized that it's almost impossible to obtain a translation without access to the characters that make up the name of this feisty, ice-wielding martial artist! I'd be very grateful for anyone who'd be able to provide both the characters and the meaning for her name.

Feng Ling from the country of Dang

I went looking for other characters or people who might share her name - and found myself pulling up the Wikipedia article for the manga series Crying Freeman! It turns out that Grandmother Tiger of the 108 Tigers, the Chinese mafia group headed by Yo Hinomura [Crying Freeman / Dragon Sun] and Emu Hino [Tiger Pure-Orchid], was once named Hǔ Fēng-Líng (虎風鈴). Grandmother Tiger was the trainer of Crying Freeman, and is therefore responsible for turning the formerly meek potter into the formidable assassin that he became. Former leader of the 108 Tigers and a skilled martial artist in her own right, she now regards Crying Freeman as a son and his bride, the swordmaster Emu, as a daughter-in-law.

How exciting that two women with names that, at the least, look alike [it's possible their names may not sound alike] should be so similar - hardened martial artists with their own definitions of nobility!

[Yes, I'm getting her on Thursday when I log back in. I'm at work right now! XD]

The Wikipedia article for Crying Freeman


Additional pimpage: my dear friend Lucido updates her Granado Espada journal with the first of a series of articles on the Romance Languages which include Spanish and Italian.

Romance in the Romantic Tongue, Lesson 1

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