Friday, February 8, 2008

Prison de Joaquin: the end...for now

Continued from yesterday:

I finally did the last of the Grace Bernelli Pioneering Quests, venturing back into Prison de Joaquin, the Mohrgus to begin the mission called "Slaughter in the Prison de Joaquin".

...Not the most encouraging of names, eh?

I killed a vicious amount of time trying to get as many Puzzle Pieces as was possible - you have to kill the Failed Subject mobs - but I got just a bunch of them at random. What are they for anyway, and what do you get if you manage to complete the set???

Anyway, finally we got down to the ring at the end of the map where mobs were hitting the ugly mug of Dr. Fran Mothein. A brief dialogue with him and Grace Bernelli [who suddenly pops up like a most welcome jack-in-the-box] leads right into the appearance of none other than Montoro.

That guy's pretty much Granado Espada's most wanted, eh? His name comes up during several of the RNPC quests. I think both Torsche and Ulrik wanted to spit at him [and at the Ten Nobles], and of course Bernelli's pissed off as all hell at him....

Montoro's appearance, in turn, triggers the equally sudden teleport of Garcia Hingis. More dialogue, and Montoro makes Mothein go nuts, and then it's time to throw down with the ugly doc!
Man, that guy has an even meaner Apocalypse than my wizard.


The good guys win and hey, there's Garcia Hingis's alias: Gavin Jameson!

The story ends at this point and Bernelli promises to keep investigating the Ten Nobles and Montoro and the prison.

I wonder what comes next for our intrepid intelligence gunsmith/gunslinger girl.....

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