Friday, February 8, 2008

Your Public Service Announcement for today: botting does NOT pay!

[Last post for today, I swear! Suffering from blogorrhea today, sorry XD]

I see what you did there. Have fun in the Underground Prison~

[LOL instant Paint highlights!]

Not telling you what faction this family is from, but I can say that other players have suspected this faction to be both condoning AND supporting botters.


Novastorm said...

hehehe, i enjoy right clicking and Report Bot, but some times it's not working ... something like: "... failed to upload" WTH is the meaning of that?

And about your Feng Ling, two words for you: Power Leveling ^^ It's faster than soloing or scout+char ... at least until ... level 50-ish?

Have fun my dear ^^

NineMoons Family said...

@ novastorm

admittedly there are times when the bot report system conks out. that might be why you're getting that error message.

and in order to PL my Feng Ling my mains have to make vet first. i'm thinking a vet wiz would be helpful with crowd control ^^