Thursday, April 3, 2008

[Fanfic] Lost Occupations of Granado Espada 1/?

In the corner of the forlorn, windswept cemetery in Thueringenwald is a weathered gravestone.

There is no name on the stone, and of the epitaph, only the letters R W can be
very faintly seen.

A little cleaning completes the message:

Here lies the last Resume Writer in Granado Espada. Pioneers mourn her, and the Offices of Pioneering Support miss her.

Not all pioneering families who come to the New World have their papers intact, and those in need of proper credentials once journeyed to the City of Auch. She worked quietly inside one of the doors in the Office of Pioneering Support, patiently supplying families fresh off the Jaclina with new papers.

She never complained when some families were too brash, and never did anything showy with the money and gifts grateful families showered upon her.

She spent her days in quiet, honest work, even when many thought her job obsolete.

When she died, the City of Auch - and indeed all of the Offices of Pioneering Support - felt the loss keenly.

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