Friday, May 23, 2008

Granado Espada Version 2.8.7: Pet System is Go!

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Clare, Andre Janzur, and a bunny-girl elementalist demonstrate the joys of the upcoming Pet System.

Version2.7.8 02
First comes the discovery of a mysterious egg... what's in it?

Version2.7.8 03
OMGWTFBBQ it's a baby Grabber! How cute!

Version2.7.8 01
Ain't he the cutest little thing?

I could be mistaken, of course, but that second picture, the one with the Grabber hatching, seems to imply that you can get the pets in a certain location in the Port of Bahia.

The only other thing I can decipher on the site is that pets' skills are toggled by pressing Ctrl + P.

* Requirements to obtain a pet?
- What level do you have to be to obtain a pet?
- What Family Level do you have to be to obtain a pet?
- Is a pet purchased, quested, or hunted for?
- If purchased, what currency? (Vis, Feso, G-Points)
- If quested, how to trigger the quest?
- If hunted, where to hunt?

* Requirements to sustain a pet?
- Is pet food required?
- Can pets take damage, or die?
- If they take damage, can they be healed via Scout skill, or via pots? (Are there special pet-healing pots?)
- If they die, can they be resurrected, or do you have to get another one? (How to resurrect a pet?)
- Can pets be equipped?
- Attack-type: can it wear weapons and/or armor? Are there special pet equips?
- Looter-type: can it expand its inventory? Is its inventory shared with its masters, or separate?
- Magic-user type: can it wear magical equips and/or armor? What are its spells?

Cuteness factor up to a GOOGOL!
- Are there pet-only costumes?
- Are there pet poses? (Because the Grabber looks like it's waving "Hello" in the third picture...) Or does it also use the Andre Janzur poses?

The list goes on and on. This feature is something I like a lot, and am definitely curious about.

*goes off to look for more details*


Mikee Stiles said...

ahh so thats what the green house in Bahia I think.

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

The pets look like relatives of Stitch. ^_^

Nine Moons said...

@ stiles

yup, sure looks like it.

@ chinensis

this one and its female counterpart does. the pixy looks like Jack from the Nightmare before Christmas XD.