Sunday, May 11, 2008

A pain of a Colony Wars session

Tonight I went to Colony Wars in Carracci server for the first time.

It was NOT at all what I had thought.

First: server and time irregularities. Some factions snatched colonies BEFORE the official Colony Wars session could begin. We don't know why this happened yet.

It also FELT like the session began a few minutes late.

Combined, those two events made people in the server scratch their heads in confusion. As I understand it, there have been some difficulties going on in Carracci server this weekend, not the least of which was the squad bug. [People already in squads could not leave, or something like that.]

IAH - you owe us a decent explanation for these irregularities.


A few words about "alliances" in the server:

As slippery as oil-slicked pavement. Honored as is convenient to each ally. Who gave that person the right to determine who goes in which alliance?

WTF, Carracci. WTF.


To Takhisis Faction:

Let's keep reaching for the stars!

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