Monday, May 5, 2008

Pluggage: Game! [print mag], Draw Write Play [webcomic]

[I really feel like I'm making up for lost time now ^^]

I went to the Game! Magazine offices today to pick up some stuff and got fairly lucky: along with my complimentary April issue, the one with the Fantazzztic Film Awards winners, they gave me an advanced copy of the May print edition. Here's the cover for that upcoming issue:

May Game!cover

Other than the cover, I can give you LOTS of reasons to buy that issue when it hits newsstands:

- Our very own Sigrid reviews the hit anime series Claymore! [I wanna watch that show, just before the rumored second season comes out!]

- TWO Granado Espada articles! In the "Updates" section you'll find not only my report on the GE PH Tribute to the Ladies, but also my report on the Verano Escapade, a.k.a. the GE events at Dom1nation II! These two articles both have lots of photos in with them, although sadly not all of the more than 150 pictures I took in all of the events.

If you want to browse through my pictures of those two events, please check out my Photobucket albums!

NineMoons's Photobucket for GE PH Tribute to the Ladies
NineMoons's Photobucket for GE PH's Verano Escapade @ e-Games Dom1nation II

You should also check out the magazine's "Game Funnies" section, occupied since April by the webcomic Draw Write Play, drawn by gamer girl Caroline Dy. One of the May strips talks about Granado Espada, particularly where fun with pose books is concerned!

Okay, back to leveling ^^


Alcarcalimo said...

You should also include the previous issue where they covered you guys as well!

Regarding Game magazine, why are they still putting up their site in the cover of the magazine. It doesn't exist anymore, I think they went to this site:

Nine Moons said...

@ alcarcalimo

welcome to the blog ^^

re the FFA-themed article: well, that article is really icing on the cake as far as this blog is concerned. if you click on the "ffa" label in this post, you'll find all the stuff that i've written about and linked to about FFA, including a comprehensive list of the final winners.

I don't know why Game! is not updating their URL. maybe you could comment in their forums, or at the hackenslash blog?

anyway, hope you enjoy your stay here ^^ thanks for visiting!

Alcarcalimo said...

Actually I've been a longtime reader and admirer of your blog. It's inspired me to do mine. Thanks Ninemoons!

Alcarcalimo said...

Actually, I've been a longtime reader. You inspired me to put up my blog.

Thanks Ninemoons!

Nine Moons said...

@ alcarcalimo

Yes, I saw in your profile you have PH Lineage II blogs. more power to you ^^