Friday, May 16, 2008

seaGE PH Community: A CALL TO ARMS.

The waves of frustration and pique at IP e-Games continue to ripple through the seaGE community of PH players. Check out the growing number of blog posts. These posts are all talking about the GVC shortage, the problems stemming from lack of promotion, and in general the dismay of how seaGE is being neglected by local distributor IP e-Games.

The first post: Promoting seaGE, and a rant on GVCs
Follow-up post: The rant continues

Blacksword / Reimaru
WHY do these companies DON'T give a DAMN

Games Should be Games and Should Always be Games (The Rant I was Hiding for a Long Time)

Video post / true story: The Night When I Went Out to Buy some GVCs

Top 5 Reasons Why GE Is The No. 1 MMORPG

True story: I never thought an MMO would make me do math

When does the hurting stop?

In addition, the forum thread at the seaGE official forums has now reached 5 7 A WHOPPING TEN pages in length.

Unfortunately, no sign of a response or post from any IP e-Games personnel yet - nor, at the very least, an appearance from any community managers. Thanks are due to the forum / player mods who have joined in the discussion.

Ten pages in, still no official comment. All we got was a "patient" of a fanboy.

Not good enough, kids.

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