Sunday, June 29, 2008

[Picspam] Manila Leg, Globe Summer Gimik Games 2008

As promised, the pics from yesterday's event. I've made the pics load in smaller versions so those on dial-up won't have that long to wait before seeing them. Thanks to our unofficial photographer, who helped take the group shots. [You know who you are ♥]

28JuneGlobeSummerGimikGames001 by NineMoons
After I got sneaked in past the long lines by Veya, here she is in the very left of the picture as the tech team installs Granado Espada on the bank of PCs reserved for the game.

The very nearest PC in the foreground is connected to the IAH test server, and not to the regular game servers; it was one of the PCs used for the day's PvP tournaments.

28JuneGlobeSummerGimikGames004 by NineMoons
Once the event was open, I took advantage of the GE freeplay to both level and to sit down. That didn't stop me from taking pictures! Here's the crowd early in the morning, around the Dance Battle Audition segment. Farther on in the picture are the segments for O2 Jam and Ran Online.

28JuneGlobeSummerGimikGames006 by NineMoons
Veya on stage, during her [unfortunately] error-filled presentation.

When talking about a game, you're required to pitch it to people who might become interested enough to play it. Such a pitch means you have to be both interesting and accurate.

Besides, the presence of inaccuracies in your pitch will not only make you look very badly informed, a disaster if you're a product and community manager; but you'll also be panned / snarked about / criticized by your actual, current players. What kind of product manager doesn't know even the basics of the product he/she manages?

My dear, fighters in GE carry much more than just swords, shields, and pistols; musketeers cannot use shotguns; and wizards are not purely offensive characters - that's the elementalist you're describing - wizards are both offensive hitters and defensive buffers/debuffers.

Never mention the B-word - "bot" - in a presentation, and especially not anywhere near the AFK-leveling mechanic, lest you give anyone the wrong impression. Associating the B-word with a perfectly legal game mechanic is a major misstep. Don't we have enough trouble fighting off the bots already?

Above all, you might want to throw out some props to your community, which really does the bulk of your work for you [witness that sudden spike of broads in Carracci about the event, to which people were responding with there's an event?!], instead of just saying "balance your real life and your gaming life"!

[Corrections to that error-filled presentation are here, if you're interested.]

28JuneGlobeSummerGimikGames007 by NineMoons
Caracci faction sandwich! NineMoons and Mitchin of Takhisis flank Blacksword of Covenant.

28JuneGlobeSummerGimikGames009 by NineMoons
GE players and curious onlookers mob one of the PvP tournaments that took place at the event.

28JuneGlobeSummerGimikGames011 by NineMoons
Another Takhisis + Covenant faction group shot! From left to right: Zoldyak [is this the right spelling? corrected, thanks Blacksword ^^], Rivendel, Mitchin, Nate Reclusion, NineMoons, Blacksword, Kincaid, and Darrick Reclusion.

...I really just went to the event for the EB in the last picture, the free play, my Bellem card, and the Version 2.6 previews - but unfortunately, I never experienced that last one......


DeSanggria said...

i think it's spelled as Zorldyck (not sure though..ask the Reclusions since he's their factionmate from Destiny).

speaking of which, i'm just amazed that despite the differences in faction affiliation, pinoy GE players sure do know how to have fun & bond with each other.

props to you for covering the event. keep it up! ^^

Richard T. Ramos said...

i was surprised when i was waiting outside, most of the players don't even know GE...when Veya is introducing GE on stage with a couple of videos,they were surprised, they said it was far more cooler than cabal,and another funny part is that some other guy mistook GE as a new patch for supreme destiny lol

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

i agree about the GE players having fun together. part of that is, of course, the community spirit of being together in such a wonderful game; and part of that is because we're really social animals ^^ "coverage lite" is still coverage? XD glad you liked.

@ richard

of course GE > Cabal. and of course GE's not just some random patch name for some other game. sana lang more people would know that we play such a cool game.

many IP e-Games people don't give a damn, but we sure do ^^