Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is why I love Grace Bernelli.


And with THOSE skills, she is godly and unstoppable, even if she is a long way yet from Vet [much less Expert, but you knew that already].

I leave it to you to figure out what exactly she's carrying to have these skills.

As for me, I remain blissed out and in love with this woman. If she were real, I'd abandon this blog in a heartbeat to write her love letters.

[Waitaminute...I already have!]


Extra RNPC news: RCM Hrin blogs about Vincente Rio, and tentative release dates for Version 2.6: The Requiem!

What, no Bai Hu goodness yet? Come on, say he'll be released by then too!

*crosses fingers and toes*


Richard T. Ramos said...

hmmm 2 stars and stripes and 2 rip rings? ^^

Nine Moons said...

@ richard