Thursday, June 12, 2008

An unjust and unfair banning?

This is what happens when you can't log in because you're at your day job....

One of Carracci server's Pinoy players has been banned from making server broadcasts for expressing his feelings over the actions of local partner IP e-Games.

I quote the relevant broads from Blacksword / Reimaru, whose own blog post on this matter is linked below.

Broad 1: Pwede bang ayusin yun card at poster dito sa Region 12?
Translation: Can someone fix the problem with the distribution / availability of GVCs and GE posters here in Region 12?

Broad 2: Pwede ayusin yun Cards and Poster sa South Cotabato?
Can someone fix the problem with the distribution / availability of GVCs and GE posters in South Cotabato?

Broad 3: Diba Work ng CM mag Distribute ng cards at poster bakit kami Wala?
Translation: Isn't it part of the Community Manager's work to distribute GVCs and GE posters? How come we don't have any?

The information is that after that third broad, the player was banned from using broads / server chat.

This player alleges that there is only one person who was responsible for this banning: Philippines Community Manager Veya.

I am now opening this blog to comments and ALL responses on this matter from EVERYONE concerned.

As the regular commenters will have noticed, I am no longer moderating the comments. So please feel free to use this entry as your means of responding to this issue.

I will refrain from making my own comments until I complete my investigation into this matter. But I WILL be deleting abusive comments and statements - after I record who said what, of course.

I encourage everyone involved / affected by this matter to come forward and make your sentiments known.

PS: I would really prefer it if commenters signed their comments, even if they comment anonymously. If you have something to say, be honest enough to leave your name. We're all in this together, and I'm not going to shoot anyone, except for the trolls.

Artaxerxes: Banned Account, In What Form?

Reimaru / Blacksword: Abusing Your Power


Anonymous said...

hmmm I heard this from chard too....wonder what happened :3

Was not around that time [maybe away from school or sleeping] hope to hear from the witnesses

Anonymous said...

first did HE violated any rules in broading? did HE use abusive words, or any words that is not ethical?
Second. THOSE HIS BROAD ARE TRUE that the person who banned this person never accepted the whole thing?
THIRD, is this person saying the whole truth or lies.?

Nine Moons said...

@ deespania

you're not the only one.

@ anonymous

according to witnesses, the player was simply asking why there was a lack in the distribution of GVCs, posters, and installers for GE in his area [Mindanao]. i doubt those were abusive words.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts: you could almost say that most broads fall in three broad categories: selling, the friendly random spam (where comments about the weather, random music broads and greetings fall in) and third, attacks on people, other games, and ge in general. Would a broad against someone from ip-games carry more weight than infighting between players? I hardly think so. Anyway, at this point what is more disturbing is that they (whoever the powers that be are) took a broad seriously enough to ban anyone whereas they ignore all comments on improving the services in GE. This is a shame, for all those concerned.

Lady 'K said...

Sorry I'm nto familiar with this incident, who's the player who got banned? Could he/she be named? :D

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

I recall a time when we members of the Outcasts faction had an EB with Miss Veya and Miss DeSanggria to address issues regarding the problems and imbalances in-game. As much as I know her, Veya is a staunch advocate of fair and free playing in Granado Espada. There are even times that we Outcasts share her criticisms of the system implemented by IAH Games and the lack of promotion done by IP e-Games.

To read something about Veya being the culprit for banning a player is something I do not expect. I don't know if a community manager has the same authorizations as that of a game master, but I believe she will not do things that can make her look like a hypocrite of what she advocates of.

Why not try asking Miss Anne regarding the matter? She is after all part of the Takhisis faction, isn't she? ^_^

-Chinensis (>^_^)>

winterlake said...

I believe I just tracked down the account in question from the different blogs, and I'm dismayed this happened. =(

Nine Moons said...

@ anonymous

I agree with your comment about the general categories of broads.

And if you read the quoted broads from the banned player in Blacksword's blog, the "offending" broads are actually not offensive - they're asking for help in distributing GE in a place where the game could potentially net a lot of new players. For a statement like that to be answered with a banning, it certainly makes people go "WTF" and such. I myself am looking for answers and the truth behind this incident.

@ lady 'k

...we're talking now, LOLZ.

@ ascoth / Chinensis

kind of tricky asking DeSanggria to help on this, for reasons we can't go into on this forum.

I understand you've had a fairly positive experience with Veya so far, and so I respect your position. However, there are other members of the PH community who, by dint of their own experiences, do not precisely share this view. Hope you understand.

I'm in TK myself and wonder why this player, who IS in the faction, got singled out when he is a staunch fan/promoter of the game.

@ winterlake

I'm as dismayed as you are. I wish we could all find out what's really going down. Now is NOT the time for this to be happening.

ascoth a.k.a. Chinensis said...

Well, it has been past December since we had the EB. Many things can change in that span of time.

About Miss Anne, I would simply want her to confirm that we had an EB that time. ^o^

And about the banned account issue, there had also been issues within OC about players being banned for no reason. I recall shallowheart and Rizzah of OC as examples. But I recall the reason for their being "banned" was merely a technical glitch...

Hope everything was but a technical glitch, but if it were something more sinister, the responsible ones should be taken care of.

Nine Moons said...

@ ascoth / Chinensis

Amen to the hope that this is only a "glitch", although I sure hope they compensate the player involved. This "glitch" has cost him a freedom, and however it happened, it must never be repeated if the game is to survive.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that the player is just stating his POV yet he is stripped of his power to broad. He didn't even use any offensive/abusive words in the process. I was online when the whole thing happened and it was really disappointing.

Xei said...

Hayyy, poor lass, kung alam lang nila kung paano ipromote ng bata ang GE sa lugar nila. He even do few hours tutorial for new players on the basics of GE. Let's hope that it's really a technical problem lest he/she who is responsible for such atrocious action should step down. Great powers come with great responsibilty.

Nine Moons said...

@ anonymous

thanks for commenting. i've had to rely on second-hand information, so some first-hand data from an actual witness is always welcome.

@ xei

i know, right? what a poor way to reward someone who loves and breathes GE. and i fully agree with your last sentence. i hope someone out there is paying attention!

Anonymous said...

hmm any news on this? or wala na tlga lol [ngaun ko lng nabasa busy sa college life LOL]

Nine Moons said...

@ deespania

unfortunately, no more developments at this time. I kind of feel embarrassed at the lack of action / follow-through.....

are IAH and e-Games so willing to just absorb a matter like this? don't they know incidents of this type WILL make players quit?