Saturday, June 14, 2008

Version 2.6: differences between seaGE and SOTNW?

....If this IGN article is any indication, this may well be the rare time that Sword of the New World gets an update earlier than seaGE.

Wow. Once in a lifetime?

The current installment of the Sword of the New World Developer Diary talks about storyline information and new maps, mobs, and bosses in the coming patch called Nocturnal Sonata, scheduled for release on their servers on 25 June. Here's the screenshot that accompanies that article:

SOTNW Nocturnal Sonata

The IGN article says that Nocturnal Sonata will feature a new land called Caebolan, a holy land rumored to be the location of the mysterious city El Dorado. Long hidden by its guardians the Titans, Caebolan became the target of the corrupted / evil / generally asshat-ish Montoro, and it, too, became a land of terrible perils. To safeguard the pioneers of the New World, an interdict was placed on the region and no one was allowed to travel there.

But now, after rumors of what Montoro found there have surfaced, Caebolan's borders are again open to any explorers who are brave and strong enough to actually dare to go there.

Bet that screenshot looked awfully familiar to you guys.

According to our favorite sneak previews site, this screenshot is of Sedekuremu, a map that is scheduled to be released in seaGE version 2.6, which IAHGames has christened The Requiem. Yup, it's the same patch that should have been released last 12 June, but has been delayed.

...Lack of Experts again? I'm thinking that the maps in this place, could be perhaps ten times more difficult than the Bahamas Swamps. Just an idea.

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, I found RCM Hrin's ultra-brief introduction of the version 2.6 maps in this forums thread. She says the new area is to be called Chaos Requiem. Apparently, "The Giants' Land" [...Tierra del Gigantes or something? We've heard that one before, too!] used to be a gorgeous place, but it was corrupted, and now all living creatures there have been turned into eerie purple crystals.

seaGE ChaosRequiem

A post in that thread from forum member Aethelia shows the world map that includes Chaos Requiem:

seaGE 2.6 World Map

Aethelia's post also talks some about how to get to Chaos Requiem. Go read that post ^^ Props to that person ^^

The Requiem is also supposed to include RNPCs Vicente Rio the Bard, Bai Hu the Martial Artist of Mind, Calyce the Crossbow Huntress, and in future, Clare the greatsword-user / cannonneer / summoner. [She's a handful, that one!]

Right now, we've no idea when The Requiem will be released. Until then, I might have to keep an eye on Sword of the New World to find out what secrets the land of Caebolan / Sedekuremu / Chaos Requiem holds.

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