Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching the Scourge of the New World

What with the recent reports of the "Report Botters" function in SEA / ANZ Granado Espada going bonkers yet again, I am just left in more confusion with these two pictures that I captured over the past 24 hours.

[The last two links in the above paragraph require a SEA / ANZ GE account and forum access to view.]

Backtrack a little: due to issues of lag and an odd problem with Alt-Tabbing out of GE to work during the daytime, I shifted back to a nocturnal schedule in order to make the most of generally better net connections after midnight or so.

So last night, I was questing in Ustiur Zona Uno. Yeah, wrong move, right? Zona Uno, one of the favorite haunts of the two-Summoners-and-a-Scout botter teams. It looks like this month all the bot scouts are wearing Rescue Suits, what the hell is up with that?

Anyway, I attempted to report a bot family that was poaching on my spot. Several minutes passed after I reported the team, and then THIS was the answer I got from the system:

WTF, right? Logging out DURING the bot check? Might as well carry a sign over your head that screams
I'm a bot! I'm a bot! I'm just glad the system DID send this one to jail.

[Mind, with the current MAJOR problem of the bot report function itself being so wonky as to be nearly useless - Korean characters? How are we supposed to answer THAT kind of CAPTCHA check? - the time is NOW for IAHGames to look into this!]

Next: there's been a recent onslaught in the Carracci broads about "Selling Items, Please Check Profile": usually it's a long list, or there are various types of items to be sold, or there are additional messages such as negotiation details or allowable trades and what-not. But this one takes the cake: an RMT operator using the same tactic.

How can you be at Family Level
1 and yet have an entire stable of Expert characters? And then there's the dead giveaway in the last sentence. I've taken the liberty of editing out the offender's family name; you'll find it out soon enough if you regularly keep a weather eye on the broads like I do.

So, calling the attention of IAHGames!

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