Thursday, August 14, 2008

Martial Arts Madness!

[Movie and book in-jokes galore - sorry, I just couldn't resist XD]


Welcome Granado Espada's White Dragon, Bai Hu!

Field notes:

The first quest you do with him, "A Gross Misunderstanding", is a textbook example of You Can't Win / Failure is the Only Option. Nothing you can do will change the outcome: the kid kicks your ass. He has weird notions of Vespanola being ruled by King Fritz, too. All explanations will come in due time.

Then you're made to meet all the martial artists. Good thing they're all easily reachable! In order: run up the street to meet Jean-Pierre, then warp to Bahia to see Feng Ling, then to Coimbra to visit Irawan and Gracielo.

The final step in getting a Bai Hu card is to go back to Auch and then get dropped into a cutscene: Bai Hu kicks Jean's, Feng's, and Irawan's asses. The final challenger is Gracielo. Exchange of blows, and then the REAL Fritz shows up, saying that it was he who sent a letter to Bai Hu's mentor White Dragon, asking for a new disciple to train.

You then find out that Viscount Montoro generally messed with Bai Hu's head something fierce, and that he has kicked around the other martial artists while under false assumptions. So to make amends, he decides to go pioneering - and the 50 Mysterious Powders? Peace offerings to the other martial artists.

[So much for the joke about MPs being the "crack of the New World" XD]


I named my Feng Ling Siuan, after an Aes Sedai character in the late Robert Jordan's
Wheel of Time books. Siuan has a ... weird ... relationship with a guy named Gareth Bryne, but the two of them are tied together by destiny. So my Bai Hu is named Garet.

And if you saw
Hero - then you'll get the joke about them being Flying Snow [Feng] and Broken Sword [Bai].

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