Friday, August 29, 2008

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More commentary on the issue of The9 bidding for development rights to cGE: the MMOtaku, occasional GE pioneer, comments on The9.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the quote that says:

“Although Granado Espada is considered a content-rich game, Chinese players are unable to feel it because the content is too deep for them.”

Holy effin' hell WHAT? "Too deep"? So maybe I should get angry, after all. If The9 intends to actually dumb down Granado Espada - I say we all take to the barricades. Viva Granado Espada!


Budding gaming journalist Lance Ong has started a blog called Gaming Matters! His tagline is "Because gaming is definitely serious business". I believe he intends for the blog to become a general catch-all for news in all sorts of gaming ventures: all consoles, hand-helds, PCs, etc.

He's recently started off his "Featured Blogger/Blog of the Day" posts, and I'm happy to say that he picked me as the first target:
Featured Blogger/Blog of the Day: August 28, 2008. Thank you, Lance.


I've opened a new blog under the NineMoons aegis, as implied in Lance's write-up. It's called A Spoonful of English.

Basically, this blog is where I put forward one of my advocacies: the teaching and maintenance of the correct usage of the English language in all venues - and particularly in online communication. Make no mistake, I've got nothing against the types of informal usage now in circulation, but I'm just trying to make people, especially those who have been living nearly exclusively online, that they have to pick up the standard forms and styles too.

And I intend to do it painlessly, by talking about a favorite subject the world over: food!

For an introduction, please read the very first post: Welcome to A Spoonful of English! I've put up a series of posts since then on my favorite delectable readables - so I hope you can check it out!


[And now, I must finish my week's work....]


Lance said...

No prob! Made some improvements to my blog format. You and the readers might want to check it out given the chance. XD

On the quote: "Too deep"? That's pretty much a surprise, really. =P

And I agree with you wholeheartedly: everyone should never abandon the RIGHT USE OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, even in the internet. XD

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ lance

glad you agree with me abt English on the Internet.

I saw the blog design. you're getting there. add in some features for interactivity like a chatbox etc. and get started on your link list - i still recommend