Monday, September 1, 2008

Status Report: Vetting a Stock Musk


Just wanted to keep posting about my musketeer in Carracci, Anthy NineMoons. Last night she reached Level 86, and all this time she and her companions Shandre NineMoons [Grace Bernelli] and Furyk NineMoons [scout] have been hanging out in Skullic Dungeon once again. I'm almost positive they would all be leveling faster if not for those
irritating pesky teleporting Summoner bots, who keep camping the spawn spots.


I'll try to post some recent screenshots of my girl, who's currently decked out in all the good e84 stuff I could find for her. The most recent purchase I made was the one from last night, when I finally lucked into a cheap Sir Lyndon's Coat costume. Now Anthy looks precisely like the mini-avatar in the Another Lonely Soul Family Portrait Generator.

EDITED TO ADD: Recent screenshot of Anthy, as promised.


I think I can take a bit of a hiatus from work this week since I'm going to pull in a couple of MASSIVE favors from the others at the office. So you can bet I'm going to try harder to get Anthy to Veteran status already.

That, and I'm going to buy another shot of PHP750 load this week, on Thursday. I need the vet scrolls~!

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