Monday, September 22, 2008

Updates from the NineMoons family in Carracci


So lately I've realized that while my current team of Scout-Grace Bernelli-Musketeer has the staying power of paper, particularly in high-spawn areas, they still have what it takes to kill everything in sight, i.e. it's DPS time out the ying-yang so long as they have enough bullets.

With that in mind, I decided to start doing what after-100 quests I could do. Since the team still can't handle the mobs in the Katovic Snowfields - one-hit-knockout HURTS - they have paradoxically gone to the Bahamas Marshes instead. I'm about halfway through the first pioneering quest there, and have four or so of the needed six Level 9 Pioneer Seals.

[More quest details for the Bahamas in the third post of Giliam's excellent Full Quest and RNPC Guide. That part of the guide also has the complete instructions for getting Gavin Jameson.

Warning, you need to be logged in to the SEA / ANZ GE forums to read that guide.]

I know I should also be using some of my time to level the martial artists, but I suppose I'm having too much fun watching Anthy burn through the bullets. With Outrage Shot finally completed, she's just happily firing away, and in some cases she's even more than able to outshoot Shandre.

And have I mentioned that the Swamp Spider Crabs, which are the very things I'm supposed to be hunting, give me the screaming mimis? Honestly! Those things look creepy as all fuck. And I've got to kill over
three hundred more of the damn things *gag*


Oh, here's the information about the GE PH Anniversary events!

The Granado Espada Anniversary Black Party

I want to join that Trivia Contest dammit - there wasn't any at the Evolution event, and I hope this one DOES push through. Lookit those prizes!

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