Saturday, October 4, 2008

Got Glow? NineMoons and ShenAnCalhar Faction at 52!

Yesterday I created a faction. Today, I finished leveling ShenAnCalhar Faction to 52.

I gathered a large group of friends around me to begin, and even advertised briefly in City of Auch:

Lv50 Faction Leader

Points to ponder for anyone who wants to try this:

- Save in Cite de Reboldoeux. Really. Or put a warp point right next to Pioneering Officer Christelle, since she's the NPC what deals with factions. It's Christelle who levels your faction from 1-50 - pay her 10,000 Vis for each level - and it's Christelle who gives the triggers for the Faction Level 51 and 52 Quests.

- Faction Level 50: Start by defeating the Great Hill Giant at E5 in Vegas Javier. Make sure you've got the Honey Water quest item on hand to trigger its appearance. Kill it in 30 minutes to get its Crystal.

Killing the GHG is best done with a LOT of buffs on hand. Bring buffer scouts, at least one Vicente Rio, and at least one elementalist with you.

- On killing the GHG, hand in its Crystal to Christelle, then grab the Raid Key to Prison de Joaquin - Corridor of Assize 1. Open that door at J7 of the Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus.

Here's the squad at the beginning of the Corridor of Assize mission:

Faction Lv51 Quest

- After finishing the Corridor of Assize, report back to Christelle. She will give you the upgrade to Faction Level 51, and then send you to Princess Gabriella of the Royalists to continue to Faction Level 52.

Here's the Faction Level 51 leader's glow:

Lv51 Faction Leader

- At Royalist HQ, Princess Gabriella will ask you to deliver a Secret Letter to Simon Ayende of the Republicans. Schlep over to Auch; just before entering the Republican HQ Simon will drop a passionate speech on your head. Go in, deliver the letter, finish the dialogue, and return to the Princess with the reply.

- Once you've assembled the final group to take on the Shadow Temple mission with you, talk to the Princess again to enter the instance.

Here's the second squad, with a few more members.

Faction Lv52 Quest

- Take out the six sub-colonies and the central one inside the Shadow Temple, and click on the Flag that appears to finish the quest.

- Return to Gabriella for the last bit of dialogue, then to Christelle, who will give you a Royal Scroll and the choice to select your side: Royalists, Republicans, or Neutralists. Oh, and you'll get the
Faction Level 52 leader's glow!

Lv52 Faction Leader

I give profound and groveling thanks to all the smexy people who helped me achieve my goal of being a Faction Leader - see above for all the names!


Colbourn Family said...

congratulations and goodluck!!

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ colbourn family

thank you so much!

Staark said...

Congrats 9moons! Have fun in CW now:)

By the way, are you gonna blog about the IAH 'sel-pawn' thread?

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ staark

no plans to join CW at the moment since I intend this to be a one-member faction for now. although people ARE asking to join....

and I won't blog the self-pwn thread until it's been resolved. I DID save the screenshot to my own hard drive though - if anything further happens, at least we've got evidence.