Thursday, November 27, 2008

NineMoons's Last Stand: Farewell to the New World

This is likely to be the final post at the NineMoons Family blog. I want to wrap things up properly, and get the last bits of everything off my chest, before I leave the New World, and I hope you and I can soldier on to the end together.


The Yays

YAY to RCM Hrin. She may not update her blog so frequently, and she may not always be in the forums or in-game, but she has always been my favorite GE-admin-type person. She's sweet and funny and kind - and if you're polite and patient enough she will always be accessible for any comments or questions.

YAY to the GE PH community, who continue to crusade for the game even after over a year of indifference, lack of promotion and distribution, and even the occasional act of sabotage. They come to the defense of the New World when they are called, and stay vigilant against all attacks. They are its true and stalwart pioneers and they are its most deserving inhabitants.

YAY to the GE PH fan artists: the fanfic writers, the fanart creators, the machinima directors, the independent cosplayers, and everyone else in between who has contributed their tangible and considerable talent to the community. You may be a small group and you may not always win the prizes, but your talent and sheer love for the game definitely show how much you rock.

YAY to the GE bloggers, and especially to the horde of them in the GE PH players' community. Without them, the game might have sunk into obscurity and be left on the wayside as other gamers rush towards what's new and what's shiny without considering the relative merits and demerits of each. The GE PH bloggers have fought long and hard for the game to get equal attention and love from the local gaming community. I may have started the entire GE fan-blog thing, but I could never in a million years have done it alone. It is everyone else who followed this little idea who are the real heroes - they didn't have to, but they did, and that makes all the difference.

And finally, YAY to all the friends I have made through this blog and through this game. I make no secret of the fact that if it weren't for GE in the first place I would never even have started this blog - hence I owe any tiny measure of celebrity and recognition I now possess to GE. But more important that that are the true friends that I have discovered in the process of playing, blogging, and living GE. There are many of them, and there are even some of them I may not get to meet in real life, and they are all cherished and dear to me.

[And now, because every list of Yays must have a list of Nays to balance it out.]

The Nays

NAY to IP e-Games. It's been a recurring theme in this blog, ever since that extreme disillusioning sometime during 2007. Thanks for nothing. Yes, you lot brought in the game, you distributed the pretty posters and the very first set of installers - and then after that there was really not a whole lot of anything. You let us down and dropped us as though we were hot potatoes, all the while enticing people to play your other games instead without mentioning the game you once marketed as the first Triple-A MMORPG brought to the Philippines. I don't know how to run a game publishing business, but I am certainly not going to run it as you attempted to do for GE, because you botched it, big time.

NAY to the fishers and to the saboteurs both in the community and from the competition. Nice try, kids.


As I write my final dispatch from the New World, I wonder how much it will take in terms of money, talent, and love to bring the game back to the forefront of gaming in the Philippines. GE has been unfairly sidelined and woefully underpromoted.

I only pray that the game can survive. It has its very devoted fans and its loyal players. Long may they last and well may they prosper.


~NineMoons, as she lays her pen down
27 November 2008
[One year, eight months, and fifteen days in the New World]


Alcarcalimo said...

Good luck to you NineMoons. Your blog was not only a source of information for GE but it was also a source of inspiration for other game bloggers out there.

Reimaru said...

Hello, Good Luck on your new adventures, it's really sad that you have to leave the game that you really cherished...but sometimes we have to move on. Also, you were the inspiration to all of us bloggers and gamers alike...we will never forget the great deeds you have done for the community

a big salute to you NineMoons

DeSanggria said...

GE will never be the same without you.

goodluck & godspeed!

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ alcarcalimo

thanks for the kind words.

@ reimaru

i am humbled by your words. many thanks. i never really considered myself anyone's inspiration....

@ desanggria

hey, you briefly came out of your NaNoWriMo time. hope you're doing okay. i'll still be blogging, but not exclusively about MMOs any more. hope to open the new one before year's end.

Valmorgen said...

From a frequent yet annonymous reader=)
Good luck

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ valmorgen

thank you so much

Staark said...

Hey 9 moons, its me again!

Here's wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

Just so you know how good your blog is: Its been some time since I quit ge yet I still visit your blog :P

With much regards,

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ staark

thank you so much for the sweet remarks. i hope you can come back and read the next blog that i plan to open, maybe by the holidays, after i've wrapped up all the loose ends from this one.

Divinicus said...

AW BOO! i totally just got into your blog too haha! au revoir

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ divinicus

you can still use the blog as a resource and read through the posts. i'm not closing it. but i won't be updating it any more.

and thanks.

Fiksdotter said...

To my friend Pj, thank you for being an inspiration. I know there is no way of stopping you from quitting though I bid you all the best. Don't worry we'll see you this December for some real life get-away.

Good luck and stay cool.

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ fiksdotter

wild horses and Novia could not keep me away from any gathering you've got planned.

and thanks for your heartfelt words.

Kincaid said...

How can we ever forget one of the most, if not the most stalwart among GE fans and bloggers. You've always been at the helm of the PH community, and a lot of people, including myself look up to you in that regard.

Goodluck on your new adventures! See you around~

deEspania said...

"It is the end of something simple and the beginning of everything else."

So it's nice to see that even though you left the game, you left good memories for others especially to your friends. This blog has been very informative for everyone and with you gone, there are still others who can continue the legacy you left.

Good luck in the path you have chosen. Until next time ^^

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ kincaid & deespania

thank you both so much.

also, kincaid, i am very much looking forward to your calendar production!

joeltan said...

A sad day, indeed. Granado Espada will flounder with the absence of the light given off by NineMoons and her blog—that is, if the dozens of player-bloggers that she helped inspire do not continue what she stared.

Never the end, PJ. ^^

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ joeltan

i'm crying now dammit.

thanks so much.

ryuuosha said...

ate! can't believe you are quitting X_x i've only met you very few times but it feels sad...i always visit your blog and read your reliable posts...i'm just glad that i met you ate! you are one of my friends in GE that i definitely won't forget :) stay strong ate! ^.^ take care

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ ryuuosha

first thing, i would advise you to go to the GE PH community meeting on Monday 1 Dec, at RedBox Trinoma. PM either Reimaru or Artaxerxes to confirm attendance and get all the details.

next, thanks for your kind words. i'm glad you joined my faction and i hope it was a good experience for you.

Nicolai Cutie Pai said...

Nagquit ako dahil sa demands nung game.

And yung nalaman kong nagquit ka parang "oh hot damn, wala na ito garr"

Kung mamantakin nga naman talaga natin napakasabaw na laro ng Cabal eh haha (sorry kung libelous ha. Pero kung icocompare mo talaga sa GE que sa ang sama sama ng AR at DR system, panalong panalo pa rin ang GE eh).

Anyway, I think the game is eating itself up. Its not completely e-Games fault for this but a big portion of it is their responsibility.

Kasi naman, puwede namang ipromote ng bonggang bongga ang GE sa simula . Eh ang problema minarket ng kulang tapos give up agad sa marketing then go go go cabal. (I really have to mention the name lol!)

Hay nako, if only GE was still alive and kicking (hindi yung alive lang), siguro kumpleto pa rin ang buhay ko. Now am trying random games hoping to revive my tastes in gaming.

Kasi naman itong GE tinaasan ng bongga ang standards ko eh D:

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ nicolai

and it's not just GE that e-games allowed to be cannibalized by all the shiny!new!!copycat! games that they're bringing in. they're also crippling their other steady communities.

if GE has helped raise your standards in gaming, then don't you think that that's a good thing? ^^

thanks for the humor and the commentary!

Lady 'K said...

This is such a touching message.
Granado Espada will indeed miss you Nine Moons!

Hoping that even though we left the New World, may we find another one to settle in the future and hopefully that too would bring more YAYs than NAYs.

Silently long retired.

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ Sigrid

May you all find the strength and the courage to keep up the Yays and to fight back the Nays.

A GE dweller said...

When we opened the first English-versioned blog of a Vietnamese faction in Bach, I added your blog URL only to know that u had quitted one month ago.

I really hate you as u a girl but seemed to love writing about colony wars too much.

Anyway this blog of yours will last forverver unless Google went bankrupt!

From a leader of Blue Ocean, the very Vietnamese faction of Bach

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

I really hate you as u a girl but seemed to love writing about colony wars too much.

Well, color me confused. I covered Colony Wars because I was one of the official CW reporters for GE - I made that quite clear in a few of the entries.

And that "hate" and "girl" thing just makes me scratch my head.

Anyway, thanks for linking.

Khoo said...

Hi NineMoons,

Sad to know that your leaving GE for Atlantica Online. Enjoyed reading your blog eventhough I didnt not post any comments on it. You have become one of the famous spokes person for GE from Philipines. I sincerely hope you would not leave GE for good as there more interesting contents in store once version 3.0 is ready. Good luck and all the best in your undertakings.

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ Khoo

thank you so much for the kind words. I've thought about logging in just to see how 3.0 works differently from the previous patches, but have made no definite plans to come back to either the game or to the blog.

I'm still somewhat active in the PH community, so I still have some sense of what's going on. can't leave the community completely since I still feel like I have something to contribute.

again, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I will miss reading your blog very much. Even though I play in the Sword of the New World community, this was what got me into the game, and your well-written and insightful posts were a treat to read every time. Oh and I also love the pictures.
Good luck to you.

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ Anonymous

thank you so much for the kind words!

Novastorm said...

Yo 9moons! Here Novastorm, just to say hi after a while. You left GE 3 month ago while i did around 9 month ago. Anyways, i swish you all the best in your real life you have talent and enthusiasm so you can do it. Long life to you my queen >.<

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ Novastorm

ah, I had not known that you had similarly retired from the New World. thank you so much for the kind words.

[although I have a microscopic objection to being called "queen", because that's DeSanggria really ^^]