Sunday, March 18, 2007

And when I logged out for the last time... were the last stats for my family.

- Fighter, Level 45
- stance: Heaven or Hell, Level 14. [I think.] No skills mastered.
- weapons: +4 Knight's Sword [with pluses] and +4 Golden Maiden pistol [store-bought]
- armor: Hard-Leather Armor, Fencer's Hat

- Wizard, Level 45
- stance: Psychokinesis, Level 21. [I had no idea that was possible - however, I did not gain skill points for reaching that level.] Mastered both Earthquake and Apocalypse.
- weapons: +4 Unicorn Rod
- armor: Respiked Squamatate, Opera Hat

- Scout, Level 46
- stances: First Aid, Level 17 / Fortitudo, Level 17. [I can't remember what I did with his skill points but I'm pretty positive they're a mess.]
- armor: Hard-Leather Armor, Ivory Homburg

I quit early because I wanted to work on this blog and the posts that I'll be putting up between now and the opening of Pre-Open Beta. As I mentioned in the previous entry, I'll be writing up some guides and some advice about the game, as well as some random fun and trivia - for example, in a future post I'll be talking about my favorite NPC.

I've even got permission from Community Manager Hrin to conduct an interview with her - and I will be sure to post that for your fannish pleasure.

Speaking of POBT: you can now sign up for an account at the IAH Games Passport page.

The beauty of this passport system is that it purports to be just the one account for GE, plus future game releases such as Hellgate: London. One-stop account management, anyone?

See you all in POBT - and until then, stay glued to this blog for your GE fix :)

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