Monday, March 19, 2007

News from the official website

According to the official GE website:

Tentatively, Pre-Open Beta Testing (POBT) will begin on 17th May 2007.

So sign up now for your account, folks~!


iamstorm said...

ah. a fellow GE CBT and Robert Jordan fan.

Tagal pa ng POBT. I've already registered. hehehe. Sana F2P. ^__^

NineMoons Family said...

sana nga F2P and same quality as in CBT.

at sana matapos na rin ang Wheel of Time. XD

iamstorm said...

50/50. May sakit si RJ eh.

Anonymous said...

Awww~ Can't view your email... Someone from GE staff in the PH appreciates your blog, and she'd like to send an email :D

NineMoons Family said...


onga e. di bale, tumatalab naman yata yung gamot niya so far.

at nag-promise rin siya na gagawin niya ang lahat para matapos na ang kuwento niya.

NineMoons Family said...


hello! you can email me at, or at

hope to hear from you soon :)

iamstorm said...

I just hope RJ doesn't die beofre he finishes WOT.

while waiting for GE, makikilaro muna ako ng WOT priv. server sa bahay ng kaibigan ko. ^__^