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The first guide: Quests, 2/5

As promised, here is the first of my GE guides. Because it's fairly long, I'm going to split it into five entries.

The information in this post is valid for the Closed Beta version. I will make necessary revisions come version 2.0.

Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


2. Item Quest
This is the familiar "resource-gathering" type of quest. A LOT of the NPCs give out this kind of quest, usually as one part or another of the series of missions you do for each. Now, in other games this nearly always means killing monsters for specific drops, but GE makes it a little bit different.

When doing this kind of quest in GE the game actually streamlines some of it for you. If you kill a monster carrying a quest item, the item goes directly into your inventory - you never have to worry about whether you actually picked the item up or not. Also, the game keeps a running tally for you, and informs you when you've picked up enough of the quest items. Convenient, isn't it?

Types of item quest

- Kill monsters for their drops. This is pretty much self-explanatory.

Generally, for item quests at levels 1-20ish, the monsters drop the quest item/s automatically. Take for example Andre Janzur's first quest for you, which involves you bringing him 5 Green Mandradora tentacles. To get those 5 tentacles, you need to kill exactly 5 Green Mandradoras. It's a simple 1:1 monster/item correspondence.

After level 30, however, that correspondence goes straight out the window. In Najib Sharif's Blazing Rubies quest, for example, you need 10 of those rare jewels, but you may have to kill almost 20 Rufus Reapers to get them. You don't automatically get the drops.

- Grocery list. An NPC gives you a list of items to get, which, lucky you, you only need cash for, as you simply have to buy them from various shops. The best example, of course, is Gracielo's initial quest, in which he asks you for Ferruccio Bread, Ferruccio Milk, and Chocolate - all of which you can buy from NPCs.

If you still have the initial handout of Ferruccio Bread and Milk from the tutorial, then you can simply give him one of each; otherwise, you can pick up supplies from the girl behind Ramiro at the Queen's Garden in Cite de Reboldoeux. The Chocolate is sold by Lisa Lynway of the Sea Elephant Cafe in the Port of Coimbra.

- Item search. An NPC asks you to find some items on particular maps, and to bring the items back to him or her. The prime example would be Idge's Old Armor quest - you have to find the Old Armor in some rocks at the feet of the Ferruccio Espada statue in Ferruccio Junction.

Lisa Lynway also has the same type of quest - the first thing she asks you to do is to pick an avocado from the tree in King's Garden.

To get Adelina Esperanza's card, she tells you to investigate three skeletons, one on each of the three Porto Bello levels. You simply collect their skulls and take them back to Adelina - and she joins your family afterwards.

Some item quests combine the types, such as Panfilo de Narvaez's Pure White Food quest. You can buy the pasta, milk and cheese from NPCs [and Panfilo tells you exactly where to go], but you need to hunt for the boar meat in Cathari Junction.

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