Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Game! articles: 1/?

Granado Espada history primer.

This is the first of my articles for Granado Espada with Game! Magazine online, under the collective name of "Letters from Granado Espada".

It's about the in-game history and backstory of the game.

I'll update here whenever I post a new article, maybe once a week or so.

In my next post here, look out for some musings regarding the RNPCs, and some new GE information.


Joel S. Tan said...

Hi, PJ. Thanks for the link to my site. I'll return the favor soon. Still haven't "fixed" the blog. It needs a lot of revisions. Hehe. Thanks thanks. :)

NineMoons Family said...

heya, Joel. nice meeting you ^^

p.s. i got your email message...will answer it soon :)