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GE V. 2.0 news, straight from the source

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IP Interactive releases Granado Espada 2.0, announces Open Beta

New Maps, new items, faction colony wars, Item crafting and more will be introduced in GE version 2.0.

Manila, March 12 - IP Interactive, a subsidiary of communications and IT company, IPVG, has announced the release of Granado Espada 2.0, the newest patch of Hakkyu Kim’s newest 3D MMOPRG.

Granado Espada is set in a detailed fantastic game world that reflects the 17th century and New World colonial exploration where technological tools of that period fuse with magic and wizardry. The result is a completely unique, immersive virtual world, filled with post Renaissance ingenuity, Baroque artistry and otherworldly wonders.

Granado Espada went on Closed Open Beta Testing last February and the reaction has been overwhelming. Players numbering in the tens of thousands participated in the GE Closed Beta Testing.

“The Philippines represents the second biggest number of sign-ups for Granado Espada [during the closed beta test], and we’re only second to the United States,” remarks Annaise Fragante, IP Interactive Project Manager. “Our signups account for half of Asia as well,” she adds.

With GE 2.0, players will be able to do more and explore more of this incredibly detailed virtual world.

GE 2.0 boasts over 150 new maps, 300 new quests, and almost 1000 new items, as well as some great features like item crafting, Faction Colony War, and an in-game auction house. The user and chat interface has been streamlined as well to meet player requests for a smoother and more intuitive playing experience.

The patch has over 100 new maps, including the barren Katovic Snowfield and three raid dungeons among others. Over 300 new quests were added, including mini quests, mission rooms, and quests that can be picked up in combat zones, giving players a more exciting gaming experience.

GE 2.0 has the following new features:

Baron Mode - Players can engage in PK against other gamers and gain attack bonuses when they execute successful PK attacks.

Auction House – Incorporates an auction house where players can trade items and Vis (the game’s currency) with one another.

Faction Colony Wars - Factions (the GE term for guilds) can actually declare war on one another and wage extreme battles for territorial and political control at Faction Colony Manager sites found in major map sections. Because each player has three characters under MCC (Multi Character Control), the Faction Colony Wars almost mirror a multiplayer RTS (Real Time Strategy) in their magnitude.

New Items – There are over 1000 new items available for GE 2.0. There are treasure chests found in dungeons and combat maps as well as an item mall where players can exchange marketing or event materials for rare items.

Item Crafting - Players will now be able to use the raw items they gather (such as iron and coal) to create their own items.

More Recruitable NPCs (RNPCs) - Diego the Carpenter and Catherine the Marionette are among the new RNPCs in version 2.0.

IP Interactive Product Manager Ivee Feria notes that gamers can expect more from the open beta of GE 2.0 in terms of Player-versus-Monster (PvM); Player-versus-Player (PvP); and Guild-versus-Guild (GvG, but in this case, it's FvF--Faction-versus-Faction).

“In line with the Colony Wars, I am expecting a strong Philippine GE community, big factions, and tight alliances,” says Feria. “During Pre-OBT though, I am hoping that the gamers would be keen on bugs and errors in the game and report them to make the game better,” she adds.

GE 2.0 Open Beta Test will be unveiled in April. At this time, player accounts will not be wiped out so as to enjoy the beefed up features, gameplay and overall experience.

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